Stunning car interiors for customers in and around Reading

No matter what type of car you own, if you need a clean or require full restoration to bring your interior leather to its original glory, Leather Care Berkshire is your ideal choice.

Car upholstery repairs and restoration

At Leather Care Berkshire, we have an outstanding reputation for offering a high-quality restoration and repair service. Whether you have to deal with a car seat that has started to lose its layer of finish or completely worn out car bolsters, you can trust us to restore them to their original state. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection to gauge the extent of damage. Once we have completed our examination, we’ll do what is necessary. If you have any queries, contact us today.

Our expertise

  • Car upholstery repairs
  • Car bolster restoration
  • Refinish for car seats
  • Leather treatments
  • Car seat replacements


Our expertise with leather upholstery is not just limited to cars, you can also come to us for pigmented and aniline upholstery restoration.